Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

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Ultrasonic spray nozzle uses high frequency vibrations. These vibrations are produced by piezoelectric transducers acting upon the nozzle tip. This creates capillary waves in liquid film. Ultrasonic spray nozzle is widely used for ultrasonic spray coating.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • High efficiency
  • Non-clogging
  • High frequency vibration.


  • Power supply: 90-270 VAC
  • Display: LCD display for wattage
  • Nozzle operating frequency: 60KHz / 120KHz
  • Droplet size: For 60KHz- 100 microns* , For 120KHz- 50 microns*
  • Housing: SS316
  • Nozzle tip: Titanium alloy 6AI-4V
  • Output power: 15 watts continuous and 20 watts intermediate
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1300c
  • Operation: Stand alone operation
  • Control: Microcontroller with auto adjustment of frequency and wattage with reference feed flow rate.


  • Biomedical application(Drug eluting stent and balloons)
  • Semiconductor electronic application( Printed circuit board)
  • Nano-technology coating
  • Thin film coating
  • Uniform coating
  • Spray dryer
  • Solar cells