Techno Search Process


Techno Search Process and Systems is among the leading companies engaged in the sphere of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Spray Dryer.

Techno Search Process and Systems specializes in the designing, manufacturing and exporting in the spray dryer model SPD-P-111.

Nano Spray Dryer results into sub-micron particles by increasing the surface contact area. The solution is fed through a Syringe pump to the Ultrasonic Spary Nozzle,
  • Small Samples volumes can be Lyophilizer easily
  • Two stage vacuum pump for better vacuum
  • Food grade silicone sponge sealing gaskets

Ultrasonic spray nozzle uses high frequency vibrations. These vibrations are produced by piezoelectric transducers acting upon…

Pilot Spray Dryer is widely used in laboratory testing and in small-scale powder production requirements.

Nitrogen Inert loop is used in the Mini spray dryer and Nano spray dryer to handle organic solvents safely.
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