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Nitrogen Inert Loop

Nitrogen Inert loop is used in the Mini spray dryer and Nano spray dryer to handle organic solvents safely. Nitrogen Inner loop conserves resources and environment. For monitoring the oxygen percentage, special purpose oxygen analyzer with imported electro-chemical sensor is provided. Nitrogen inert loop is controlled through PLC control via RS485 port and safety interlocks for heater and feed pump also linked with PLC. Condensation system (-250c) consist of refrigeration compressor, pre-cooler, and condenser with solvent condensate drain system.


  • Nitrogen Inertloop enables spray dryer to work with organic solvents safely and prevent explosive conditions due to oxygen and pressure control.
  • This is explosion free spray drying due to inert gas atmosphere.
  • This is cost effective loop system which consumes low inert gas and recovers the organic solvents.
  • Fast installation and space saving.
  • It minimizes pollution and protects the environment and also protects instrument damage during process.


  • Nitrogen Inertloop suitable for: All solvents/ water based feeds
  • Refrigerant: R-404
  • Cooling medium for refrigerant: Air
  • Temperature of cooling media: 250c
  • Inert gas: Nitrogen (99% Pure)
  • Condenser MOC: SS 316
  • Condensation system: Refrigeration compressor, condenser with solvent condensate drain system
  • Oxygen percentage monitor/ sampler: Oanalyzer transmitter
  • Safety and control for condensation system: HP cut off switch and anti-defrosting cutoff
  • Maximum current drawn: 10 Amps
  • Power Supply: Single phase, 230 V, AC, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 120 Kg
  • Dimensions: 650mm x 650mm x 1200mm


  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industry
  • Encapsulation of dyes, oils, fertilizers, and adhesives
  • Organic and inorganic chemistry

Technical specifications :

Suitable for All solvents / Water based feeds
Inert gas to be used Nitrogen – 99% pure
Condensation System Consists of refrigeration compressor, chiller, condenser with solvent condensate drain system
Cooling Medium for Refrigerant Air
Temperature of Cooling Media 25°C
Condenser/Chiller MOC SS 316
Refrigerant R – 404
O2 % monitor / sampler O2 analyser transmitter
Controls & Safeties for condensation system HP cutoff switch Anti defrosting cutoff
Power supply 230V AC 50 Hz Single Phase
Max. Current drawn 10 Amps
Dimensions (LXWX H) 650mm X 650mm X 1200mm
Weight 120 Kg
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