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Laboratory Nano Spray Dryer

Nano Spary Dryer for nano particle generation & drying

Nano Spray Dryer results into sub-micron particles by increasing the surface contact area. The solution is fed through a Syringe pump to the Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle, The solution is sprayed with the Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle into the Drying Chamber at set Temperature with the accuracy of +1°C. Resulting in a fine spray (Mist) of droplets coming in contact with the air as per set temperature, evaporation of moisture from droplets (Mist) & formation of dry particles (Sub-micron) proceed under controlled temperature & Airflow conditions. The Ultrasonic Nozzle can handle PH in the range of 0 to 14. Orifice of 0.8mm results in very less clogging & can handle solutions of high viscosity.

Technical Data :

    • Evaporation Rate : Approx. 400ml./Hr.(H20)
    • Inert Air Temperature : Ambient to 150°C
    • Heater Capacity : 3KW.
    • Power Supply :
      • 220-240 VAC 650Hz
      • single Phase Max.15A
    • MOC : S.S with dull pharama finish
    • Aspiration Blower : 0.5HP x 2800RPM 3 phase FLP motor.
    • Fresh Air Filter :
      • Pre Filter 5 Microns.
      • Hepa Filter 0.3 Microns.
    • Nozzle operating Frequency – 60/120 KHz
    • Nozzle Tip – Titanium Alloy 6AI – 4V
    • Max. Oprating Temperature – 130° C (Inlet Air Temperature).
    • Droplet size for 60KHz Nozzle < 100 microns* for 120KHz Nozzle < 50 microns*

Droplet size will depends on flow rate, Viscosity & Liquid Media

  • Air Compressor (Oil Free).
  • Syringe Pump.

Features :

  • Plug-in Model.
  • Aceptic GMP Unit.
  • Aqueous / Solvent feed solution.
  • Co-Current Spray.
  • Twin (High Efficiency) Cyclons.
  • PLC based with 7th touch Screen.
  • Temperature Graph on HMI.
  • 9″ Chamber Dia.
  • Dimensions in mm (700 x 650 x 1600)
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