Pilot Spray Dryers

Pilot Spray Dryers

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Pilot Spray Dryer is widely used in laboratory testing and in small-scale powder production requirements. These are skid mounted dryers designed for evaporation with good capacity range. Techno Search Process and Systems offers Pilot Spray Dryer with different configuration.


  • Peristaltic pump with forward, reverse and calibration facility
  • Co-Current spray
  • Solvent or aqueous feed
  • Aseptic GMP unit.
  • Inert loop for solvent recovery, twin cyclons, high pressure jet cleaner are optional


  • Models PSD-D /PSD-P: 2 -15 kg/hr water evaporation at 2500c
  • Power supply: 3-phase, 440VAC,50Hz
  • Spray system: Two fluid spray nozzle
  • Heater: Electrical heater
  • Inlet air temperature: Ambient to 2500c
  • Feed pump: Peristaltic pump(variable)


  • Food applications including hygroscopic, aromatic, sticky, and heat sensitive products
  • Diary and egg product
  • In laboratory
  • R & D departments
  • In universities